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Volleyball Green Winter 2018

Each category will display a max of 50 players.

Rank Player Student ID Team K
1Robbie I*****0190Chewblocka28
2Justin Z*****6400Net Results25
3William P*****3690TuneSquad22
3Nick M*****7790Team Adi22
4Kalen W*****2900Net Results21
4Chris G*****3630Notorious D.I.G21
5Oluwanifemi T*****0930TuneSquad20
6Jack B*****8480Chewblocka17
6Dean S*****5440Team Adi17
6Josh M*****7080Volleyball17
7Luke M*****9310Net Results16
8Yannick L*****3490Chewblocka15
9Matt D*****6789Team Adi14
9Andre B*****6870HARSH14
10Austin P*****1910Net Results13
10Angela H*****5250Volleyball13
10Marcus S*****5550Team Adi13
11Liam M*****6380FATT11
12Jeffrey C*****6620FATT10
12Michael G*****3150Notorious D.I.G10
13Khira A*****0500Notorious D.I.G8
13Harsh K*****6130HARSH8
14D'arcy B*****4980Volleyball7
15Ryan N*****2850Chewblocka6
15Moriah V*****9634Team Adi6
15Kevin T*****6720TuneSquad6
15Shannon L*****1940Net Results6
16Jenna C*****5500FATT5
17McKinley I*****4850Chewblocka4
17Brian H*****5580HARSH4
17Mark W*****5710Kiss My Ace4
17Simranjot B*****3850TuneSquad4
17Matthew P*****8110TuneSquad4
17Callie H*****7030TuneSquad4
18Sarah V*****3650Volleyball3
18Nik M*****7910FATT3
18Jasmin K*****5900Notorious D.I.G3
18Anjali R*****1090HARSH3
18Arjun W*****8170HARSH3
18Justin R*****4930Notorious D.I.G3
18Jasmin K*****5900Notorious D.I.G3
18Sarah S*****9450Net Results3
19Jacky H*****4670FATT2
19Evan M*****0590Volleyball2
19Hayley C*****3350Team Adi2
20Aaron A*****6350HARSH1
20Maya P*****1100FATT1
20Kashyap S*****7110HARSH1
20Victoria M*****2390Chewblocka1
20Farah K*****9220HARSH1
Rank Player Student ID Team B
1Liam M*****6380FATT11
2Matt D*****6789Team Adi8
3Robbie I*****0190Chewblocka7
4Luke M*****9310Net Results6
4Josh M*****7080Volleyball6
5Chris G*****3630Notorious D.I.G5
5Nick M*****7790Team Adi5
5Yannick L*****3490Chewblocka5
6Kalen W*****2900Net Results4
7Oluwanifemi T*****0930TuneSquad3
7Angela H*****5250Volleyball3
8Jasmin K*****5900Notorious D.I.G2
8Brian H*****5580HARSH2
8Austin P*****1910Net Results2
8Ryan N*****2850Chewblocka2
8Marcus S*****5550Team Adi2
8Harsh K*****6130HARSH2
9Andre B*****6870HARSH1
9Jack B*****8480Chewblocka1
9D'arcy B*****4980Volleyball1
9Evan M*****0590Volleyball1
9Nik M*****7910FATT1
9Sarah V*****3650Volleyball1
9Justin Z*****6400Net Results1
9William P*****3690TuneSquad1
9Callie H*****7030TuneSquad1
9Mark W*****5710Kiss My Ace1
9Aden W*****8510Volleyball1
9Simranjot B*****3850TuneSquad1
9Dean S*****5440Team Adi1
Rank Player Student ID Team A
1Chris G*****3630Notorious D.I.G17
1Khira A*****0500Notorious D.I.G17
2Justin R*****4930Notorious D.I.G14
3Nick M*****7790Team Adi12
4Justin Z*****6400Net Results10
4Robbie I*****0190Chewblocka10
5McKinley I*****4850Chewblocka9
6Angela H*****5250Volleyball7
6Dean S*****5440Team Adi7
7Luke M*****9310Net Results6
7Matt D*****6789Team Adi6
7Callie H*****7030TuneSquad6
8Kevin T*****6720TuneSquad5
8Simranjot B*****3850TuneSquad5
9Jill V*****2510Notorious D.I.G4
9Michael G*****3150Notorious D.I.G4
9Matthew P*****8110TuneSquad4
9Victoria M*****2390Chewblocka4
9Anjali R*****1090HARSH4
9Austin P*****1910Net Results4
10Kashyap S*****7110HARSH3
10Nik M*****7910FATT3
10Jenna C*****5500FATT3
11Oluwanifemi T*****0930TuneSquad2
11Yannick L*****3490Chewblocka2
11Brian H*****5580HARSH2
11Moriah V*****9634Team Adi2
11Sarah S*****9450Net Results2
11Kalen W*****2900Net Results2
11Evan M*****0590Volleyball2
11Maya P*****1100FATT2
11Jacky H*****4670FATT2
11Josh M*****7080Volleyball2
11Marcus S*****5550Team Adi2
11Sarah V*****3650Volleyball2
11Jeffrey C*****6620FATT2
11William P*****3690TuneSquad2
12Jasmin K*****5900Notorious D.I.G1
12Dionne B*****5110Notorious D.I.G1
12Noelle A*****9400FATT1
12Jack B*****8480Chewblocka1
12Farah K*****9220HARSH1
12Hayley C*****3350Team Adi1
12Aden W*****8510Volleyball1
12Aaron A*****6350HARSH1
12Shannon L*****1940Net Results1
Games Played
Rank Player Student ID Team GP
1Nik M*****7910FATT7
2Kalen W*****2900Net Results6
2Jeffrey C*****6620FATT6
2Harsh K*****6130HARSH6
2Luke M*****9310Net Results6
2Kevin T*****6720TuneSquad6
2Shannon L*****1940Net Results6
2McKinley I*****4850Chewblocka6
2Callie H*****7030TuneSquad6
2Aditya M*****5770Team Adi6
2Moriah V*****9634Team Adi6
2Jack B*****8480Chewblocka6
2Nick M*****7790Team Adi6
2Sarah S*****9450Net Results6
2Hayley C*****3350Team Adi6
2Justin Z*****6400Net Results6
2Marcus S*****5550Team Adi6
3D'arcy B*****4980Volleyball5
3William P*****3690TuneSquad5
3Liam M*****6380FATT5
3Sarah V*****3650Volleyball5
3Ryan N*****2850Chewblocka5
3Jenna C*****5500FATT5
3Robbie I*****0190Chewblocka5
3Simranjot B*****3850TuneSquad5
3Yannick L*****3490Chewblocka5
3Jill V*****2510Notorious D.I.G5
3Chris G*****3630Notorious D.I.G5
3Matthew P*****8110TuneSquad5
3Maya P*****1100FATT5
3Dean S*****5440Team Adi5
3Angela H*****5250Volleyball5
3Matt D*****6789Team Adi5
3Josh M*****7080Volleyball5
4Anjali R*****1090HARSH4
4Aden W*****8510Volleyball4
4Jasmin K*****5900Notorious D.I.G4
4Maia P*****3650TuneSquad4
4Victoria M*****2390Chewblocka4
4Khira A*****0500Notorious D.I.G4
4Oluwanifemi T*****0930TuneSquad4
4Evan M*****0590Volleyball4
4Michael G*****3150Notorious D.I.G4
4Andre B*****6870HARSH4
4Levi A*****8230Volleyball4
4Jacky H*****4670FATT4
4Brian H*****5580HARSH4
5Genevieve M*****8590TuneSquad3
5Justin R*****4930Notorious D.I.G3
5Cathy T*****0770FATT3
Intramural participants are bound by the University's Code of Conduct and the Athletic Facilities Fair Play Code.

There is zero tolerance for any form of harassment, discrimination or abusive behaviour.

The Fair Play Code is posted in the AC gym, pool and the Stadium gym. Sanctions will be applied for non-compliance.
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Intramural participants are bound by the University's Code of Conduct and the Athletic Facilities Fair Play Code.

There is zero tolerance for any form of harassment, discrimination or abusive behaviour.

The Fair Play Code is posted in the AC gym, pool and the Stadium gym. Sanctions will be applied for non-compliance.