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Volleyball Red Fall 2017

Each category will display a max of 50 players.

Rank Player Student ID Team A
1Angela H*****5250High Hitters20
2Shawn S*****8107Net Winnings15
3Paul B*****0420Spike Tyson11
3Katrina T*****179020911
3Sarah V*****3650High Hitters11
3matthew f*****8540Team Cindy11
4elizabeth i*****7060Team Cindy9
4Amanda H*****6450Free Agent Team9
5Marion G*****7400Laurier International8
6Matthew P*****7420Spike Tyson7
6Jonah C*****30602097
6Max B*****53902097
6Mohammad C*****07702097
6Sara M*****6690Net Winnings7
7Kayla F*****36202096
8Ryan B*****4230Spike Tyson5
8Emma A*****5240Free Agent Team5
8allison m*****7970Free Agent Team5
8Katie B*****2700Laurier International5
8Nicholas K*****5730Spike Tyson5
9Deepinder S*****4550Free Agent Team4
9Stephanie O*****7840Net Winnings4
10James V*****2640Volleyballology 3
10julian k*****2160Team Cindy3
10andy d*****4350Team Cindy3
10Stephen N*****0010Free Agent Team3
10Chrysanthi H*****7420Laurier International3
10Andrew K*****5780High Hitters3
10Matthew H*****3110Volleyballology 3
10Eric P*****5250The Volley Llamas3
10Alexa D*****3500High Hitters3
11vanessa c*****8970Team Cindy2
11Yichun Z*****0460Net Winnings2
11Kyle W*****32702092
11Emma F*****4777Laurier International2
11Kirsten L*****8035Spike Tyson2
11iqbal a*****3430Team Cindy2
11Natasha M*****8300Spike Tyson2
11Adam D*****0720Volleyballology 2
11Luisa A*****3570High Hitters2
11Madison M*****1660Net Winnings2
11Gavin D*****8060High Hitters2
12Ann-Kathrin K*****7520Laurier International1
12Natalie M*****2320Spike Tyson1
12Sam M*****9500High Hitters1
12Jason C*****7160Laurier International1
12Alyssa H*****0450Free Agent Team1
12Shayan S*****8480High Hitters1
12cindy l*****2600Team Cindy1
12Victoria M*****6362Spike Tyson1
Rank Player Student ID Team B
1Max B*****53902093
2Will B*****9840Net Winnings2
2Paul B*****0420Spike Tyson2
2andy d*****4350Team Cindy2
2Lionel B*****1770Laurier International2
3Shawn S*****8107Net Winnings1
3Matthew H*****3110Volleyballology 1
3Jonah C*****30602091
3James V*****2640Volleyballology 1
3Kyle W*****32702091
3Deepinder S*****4550Free Agent Team1
3Andrew K*****5780High Hitters1
3Amanda H*****6450Free Agent Team1
3Braeden P*****7620The Volley Llamas1
3Sarah V*****3650High Hitters1
Rank Player Student ID Team K
1elizabeth i*****7060Team Cindy24
2Deepinder S*****4550Free Agent Team19
3Max B*****539020914
4Mohammad C*****077020912
4julian k*****2160Team Cindy12
5Jonah C*****30602098
5Stephanie O*****7840Net Winnings8
6Nicholas K*****5730Spike Tyson7
6Angela H*****5250High Hitters7
6Zhu Ping W*****0650Laurier International7
7matthew f*****8540Team Cindy6
7Shawn S*****8107Net Winnings6
7Gavin D*****8060High Hitters6
8Emma A*****5240Free Agent Team5
8allison m*****7970Free Agent Team5
9Matthew P*****7420Spike Tyson4
9Madison M*****1660Net Winnings4
9Juan R*****4770Volleyballology 4
10Myles B*****1340Net Winnings3
10andy d*****4350Team Cindy3
10Liam K*****6120High Hitters3
10Will B*****9840Net Winnings3
10Ryan B*****4230Spike Tyson3
11Emma F*****4777Laurier International2
11Katrina T*****17902092
11Kyle W*****32702092
11Paul B*****0420Spike Tyson2
11Shayan S*****8480High Hitters2
11James V*****2640Volleyballology 2
11Jason C*****7160Laurier International2
11iqbal a*****3430Team Cindy2
11cindy l*****2600Team Cindy2
12Lionel B*****1770Laurier International1
12Eric P*****5250The Volley Llamas1
12Braeden P*****7620The Volley Llamas1
12Amanda H*****6450Free Agent Team1
12Sara M*****6690Net Winnings1
12Kayla F*****36202091
12Victoria M*****6362Spike Tyson1
12Sarah V*****3650High Hitters1
12Cedaleia G*****5420Free Agent Team1
12Luisa A*****3570High Hitters1
12Sean M*****0770Volleyballology 1
12Marie W*****4770Laurier International1
12Megan N*****6730High Hitters1
Games Played
Rank Player Student ID Team GP
1Matthew P*****7420Spike Tyson16
2Zi Sha M*****5810Laurier International13
3Stephanie O*****7840Net Winnings7
3Madison M*****1660Net Winnings7
4Sara M*****6690Net Winnings6
4Katrina T*****17902096
4Shawn S*****8107Net Winnings6
4Sarah T*****3370High Hitters6
4Mohammad C*****07702096
4Paul B*****0420Spike Tyson6
4Sam M*****9500High Hitters6
4Max B*****53902096
4Natasha M*****8300Spike Tyson6
4Natalie M*****2320Spike Tyson6
4Angela H*****5250High Hitters6
4Ryan B*****4230Spike Tyson6
4Victoria M*****6362Spike Tyson6
4Nicholas K*****5730Spike Tyson6
4Will B*****9840Net Winnings6
5Alyssa H*****0450Free Agent Team5
5elizabeth i*****7060Team Cindy5
5Katie B*****2700Laurier International5
5Kirsten L*****8035Spike Tyson5
5Andrew K*****5780High Hitters5
5Gavin D*****8060High Hitters5
5Emma A*****5240Free Agent Team5
5cindy l*****2600Team Cindy5
5Deepinder S*****4550Free Agent Team5
5julian k*****2160Team Cindy5
6allison m*****7970Free Agent Team4
6matthew f*****8540Team Cindy4
6Sarah V*****3650High Hitters4
6andy d*****4350Team Cindy4
6Aneel J*****3790Net Winnings4
6Jonah C*****30602094
6Kyle W*****32702094
7Luisa A*****3570High Hitters3
7Khaqan C*****9250Free Agent Team3
7Kayla F*****36202093
7Stephen N*****0010Free Agent Team3
7iqbal a*****3430Team Cindy3
7Jason C*****7160Laurier International3
7Marie W*****4770Laurier International3
7Chrysanthi H*****7420Laurier International3
7Megan N*****6730High Hitters3
7Yichun Z*****0460Net Winnings3
7Zhu Ping W*****0650Laurier International3
7Liam K*****6120High Hitters3
7Gabriele C*****7110Laurier International3
7Emma F*****4777Laurier International3
Intramural participants are bound by the University's Code of Conduct and the Athletic Facilities Fair Play Code.

There is zero tolerance for any form of harassment, discrimination or abusive behaviour.

The Fair Play Code is posted in the AC gym, pool and the Stadium gym. Sanctions will be applied for non-compliance.
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Intramural participants are bound by the University's Code of Conduct and the Athletic Facilities Fair Play Code.

There is zero tolerance for any form of harassment, discrimination or abusive behaviour.

The Fair Play Code is posted in the AC gym, pool and the Stadium gym. Sanctions will be applied for non-compliance.