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Dance Showcase
 Dance Showcase

Ice Hockey 'C' Fall/Winter 2017/18

Each category will display a max of 50 players.

Rank Player Student ID Team G
1Austin P*****9030Brian and the Boys4
2Taylor S*****8321Seagulls3
3Ben M*****4160Team Greg2
3Spencer S*****1150Healthy Scratches2
3Matthew V*****9920Team Supreme2
3Gessy F*****3370Team Supreme2
3Logan B*****3630Free Agent Team 12
3Riley M*****3540Free Agent Team 12
3Liam C*****9040Brian and the Boys2
3Tate V*****1360Seagulls2
3Mark W*****4630Healthy Scratches2
3Matt D*****7750Seagulls2
3Mark G*****4450Brian and the Boys2
4morgan m*****3990Team Dylan1
4Thomas P*****1780Team PC1
4mitchell r*****3830Team Dylan1
4Josh D*****6640Team Greg1
4Nathan R*****0520Team PC1
4Michael D*****5700Brian and the Boys1
4Andrew D*****6760Team Greg1
4Alex T*****6900Healthy Scratches1
4Quinn O*****7570Team Supreme1
4Hunter M*****2160Brian and the Boys1
4Cosmo B*****4580Team Greg1
4Tyler E*****2700Free Agent Team 11
4Sean O*****8450Brian and the Boys1
4cooper t*****2950Free Agent Team 11
4Andrew P*****8470Team Supreme1
4Cooper S*****2080Team Supreme1
4Connor K*****9750Team PC1
4Caleb F*****9070Team Supreme1
4Matthew K*****2170Team Supreme1
4Matthew M*****1230Free Agent Team 11
4andrew l*****1130Team Dylan1
4Shaandeep B*****3870Free Agent Team 11
4Sean F*****4240Seagulls1
4Kenny S*****2430Brian and the Boys1
4Daniel G*****7530Healthy Scratches1
4Matt D*****8680Team PC1
4Curtis R*****3260Seagulls1
4Ori F*****4260Healthy Scratches1
4Mike P*****3460Team PC1
4Justin P*****3820Brian and the Boys1
Rank Player Student ID Team A
1Curtis R*****3260Seagulls5
1Andrew P*****8470Team Supreme5
2Mark G*****4450Brian and the Boys4
3Mark O*****4590Free Agent Team 13
3Nathan R*****0520Team PC3
3Matthew K*****2170Team Supreme3
3Jordan Z*****6400Healthy Scratches3
3Breanne M*****1200Brian and the Boys3
4Ian F*****9090Healthy Scratches2
4Liam C*****9040Brian and the Boys2
4Cam C*****2220Seagulls2
4cooper t*****2950Free Agent Team 12
4Greg C*****2290Team Greg2
4Emmet K*****2750Team Greg2
4Matt D*****7750Seagulls2
4Shaandeep B*****3870Free Agent Team 12
4Riley M*****3540Free Agent Team 12
4Daniel G*****7530Healthy Scratches2
5Zack Q*****7750Team Supreme1
5Connor B*****6510Brian and the Boys1
5Trevor C*****5100Healthy Scratches1
5Andrew R*****2970Brian and the Boys1
5Jackson S*****5300Brian and the Boys1
5Sean F*****4240Seagulls1
5james w*****2670Team Dylan1
5Chris G*****9210Brian and the Boys1
5Logan B*****3630Free Agent Team 11
5Tate V*****1360Seagulls1
5Sam B*****9150Seagulls1
5Matthew R*****4640Free Agent Team 11
5Taylor S*****8321Seagulls1
5Josh D*****6640Team Greg1
5Daniel R*****3890Seagulls1
5Zack F*****9210Brian and the Boys1
5Julien G*****7560Free Agent Team 11
5Dallas R*****2700Team Greg1
5Evan K*****1790Team PC1
5Luke I*****1930Team Supreme1
5Connor K*****9750Team PC1
5Quinn O*****7570Team Supreme1
5Dylan Y*****6260Team Dylan1
5Michael X*****4860Free Agent Team 11
5Ben C*****3850Team PC1
5Gessy F*****3370Team Supreme1
5Matthew L*****9240Healthy Scratches1
5amadeo t*****7000Team Dylan1
5Mike P*****3460Team PC1
5Zack H*****9790Team PC1
5andrew l*****1130Team Dylan1
5Thomas P*****1780Team PC1
Rank Player Student ID Team PTS
1Mark G*****4450Brian and the Boys6
1Curtis R*****3260Seagulls6
1Andrew P*****8470Team Supreme6
2Austin P*****9030Brian and the Boys5
3Matthew K*****2170Team Supreme4
3Riley M*****3540Free Agent Team 14
3Ian F*****9090Healthy Scratches4
3Nathan R*****0520Team PC4
3Taylor S*****8321Seagulls4
3Matt D*****7750Seagulls4
3Liam C*****9040Brian and the Boys4
4cooper t*****2950Free Agent Team 13
4Shaandeep B*****3870Free Agent Team 13
4Tate V*****1360Seagulls3
4Breanne M*****1200Brian and the Boys3
4Gessy F*****3370Team Supreme3
4Mark O*****4590Free Agent Team 13
4Daniel G*****7530Healthy Scratches3
4Logan B*****3630Free Agent Team 13
5Ori F*****4260Healthy Scratches2
5Jordan Z*****6400Healthy Scratches2
5andrew l*****1130Team Dylan2
5Cam C*****2220Seagulls2
5Connor K*****9750Team PC2
5Greg C*****2290Team Greg2
5Mike P*****3460Team PC2
5Spencer S*****1150Healthy Scratches2
5Emmet K*****2750Team Greg2
5Thomas P*****1780Team PC2
5Ben M*****4160Team Greg2
5Matthew V*****9920Team Supreme2
5Josh D*****6640Team Greg2
5Mark W*****4630Healthy Scratches2
5Quinn O*****7570Team Supreme2
6Chris G*****9210Brian and the Boys1
6Sam B*****9150Seagulls1
6Matthew R*****4640Free Agent Team 11
6morgan m*****3990Team Dylan1
6Kenny S*****2430Brian and the Boys1
6Daniel R*****3890Seagulls1
6Caleb F*****9070Team Supreme1
6Julien G*****7560Free Agent Team 11
6mitchell r*****3830Team Dylan1
6Evan K*****1790Team PC1
6Zack Q*****7750Team Supreme1
6Matthew M*****1230Free Agent Team 11
6Michael X*****4860Free Agent Team 11
6Justin P*****3820Brian and the Boys1
6Ben C*****3850Team PC1
6Trevor C*****5100Healthy Scratches1
Games Played
Rank Player Student ID Team GP
1Jared M*****6460Free Agent Team 13
1Daniel G*****7530Healthy Scratches3
1Garret B*****3380Seagulls3
1AJ K*****6060Free Agent Team 13
1Mitchell A*****4440Healthy Scratches3
1Ben M*****4160Team Greg3
1Taylor S*****8321Seagulls3
1Matthew M*****1230Free Agent Team 13
1Josh D*****6640Team Greg3
1Graham C*****0460Seagulls3
1Logan B*****3630Free Agent Team 13
1Spencer S*****1150Healthy Scratches3
1Andrew M*****8270Seagulls3
1Chris P*****4240Team Greg3
1Matt D*****7750Seagulls3
1Andrew N*****3600Free Agent Team 13
1Jordan Z*****6400Healthy Scratches3
1Cam C*****2220Seagulls3
1Andrew D*****6760Team Greg3
1Stew C*****3162Seagulls3
1Brett C*****6160Free Agent Team 13
1Ian F*****9090Healthy Scratches3
1Raquel M*****8920Seagulls3
1Giuliano T*****0160Team Greg3
1Daniel R*****3890Seagulls3
1Trevor C*****5100Healthy Scratches3
1Ben B*****3500Seagulls3
1Dallas R*****2700Team Greg3
1Ryan s*****8760Seagulls3
1Greg C*****2290Team Greg3
1Sean F*****4240Seagulls3
1Cosmo B*****4580Team Greg3
1Timos P*****6660Seagulls3
1Mark W*****4630Healthy Scratches3
1Connor B*****6560Team Greg3
1Tate V*****1360Seagulls3
1Tyler E*****2700Free Agent Team 13
1Jeff W*****6860Seagulls3
1Matthew L*****9240Healthy Scratches3
1Julien G*****7560Free Agent Team 13
1Jack D*****2750Team Greg3
1Sam B*****9150Seagulls3
1cooper t*****2950Free Agent Team 13
1Curtis R*****3260Seagulls3
1Robbie W*****7480Healthy Scratches3
1Riley M*****3540Free Agent Team 13
1Michael M*****4920Seagulls3
2Evan K*****1790Team PC2
2Sean O*****8450Brian and the Boys2
2Jordan M*****1600Free Agent Team 12
Intramural participants are bound by the University's Code of Conduct and the Athletic Facilities Fair Play Code.

There is zero tolerance for any form of harassment, discrimination or abusive behaviour.

The Fair Play Code is posted in the AC gym, pool and the Stadium gym. Sanctions will be applied for non-compliance.
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Intramural participants are bound by the University's Code of Conduct and the Athletic Facilities Fair Play Code.

There is zero tolerance for any form of harassment, discrimination or abusive behaviour.

The Fair Play Code is posted in the AC gym, pool and the Stadium gym. Sanctions will be applied for non-compliance.