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Winter Intramurals
 Winter Intramurals

Co-Rec Flag Football Blue Fall 2017

Each category will display a max of 50 players.

Passing Touchdowns
Rank Player Student ID Team PTD
1Owen W*****2740Free Agent Team16
2Jonah J*****8070Pitter Patter14
3Calum S*****2230Wesleys Angels 9
4Derek B*****3610Bend it Like Beckham Jr.8
5Kobe B*****4910Touchdown Mafia7
5Marlon C*****5710No Punt Intended
6Keiran M*****4030Cant Score Wont Score
7Charlie D*****8650Charlies Angels4
8Jeffrey H*****1440Team Katie3
8Ryan H*****3807Tinas All Stars3
8Colin H*****0370Tinas All Stars3
8Matt F*****8540Tinas All Stars3
9Ben D*****5180Omaha2
9Alex H*****2620Omaha2
9Owen M*****9170Omaha2
9Adam P*****0340Red Timbros2
9Breanne D*****4010Free Agent Team2
9Jake M*****4940Free Agent Team2
9Caleb D*****2026Tinas All Stars2
9Arma H*****1360Team Katie2
9Logan M*****4980Sports Management Laurier 2
9Arjun M*****0606Sports Management Laurier 2
9Michael M*****4920Cant Score Wont Score
10sdujhf s*****Free Agent Team1
10Aaron Y*****6190Touchdown Mafia1
10Stefan C*****3990Cant Score Wont Score
10Liz I*****7060Tinas All Stars1
10Alex W*****4040Team Katie1
10Josh O*****4730Omaha1
Rank Player Student ID Team SAC
1Jacob T*****8440Cant Score Wont Score
2Matthew F*****2230Wesleys Angels 2
2Owen W*****2740Free Agent Team2
3Shawn G*****4750Free Agent Team1
3Zack H*****9790Sports Management Laurier 1
3Aaron Y*****6190Touchdown Mafia1
3Liz I*****7060Tinas All Stars1
3Josh V*****3870Pitter Patter1
3mitch l*****8260Free Agent Team1
3George W*****3960Omaha1
3Alex B*****0770Pitter Patter1
3Krisstopher M*****4540Red Timbros1
3Logan K*****1610Team Katie1
Rank Player Student ID Team TD
1Shawn G*****4750Free Agent Team10
1Derek B*****3610Bend it Like Beckham Jr.10
2Josh V*****3870Pitter Patter9
2Colin H*****0370Tinas All Stars9
2Marlon C*****5710No Punt Intended
2Owen W*****2740Free Agent Team9
2Jake M*****4940Free Agent Team9
3Charlie D*****8650Charlies Angels8
4Kalen W*****2900Bend it Like Beckham Jr.7
5Anthony C*****3620Pitter Patter6
5Ryan F*****0616No Punt Intended
6Yasser Z*****3090Bend it Like Beckham Jr.5
6Mark O*****8010Bend it Like Beckham Jr.5
6Daniel F*****9950No Punt Intended
6mitch l*****8260Free Agent Team5
6Aaron Y*****6190Touchdown Mafia5
7Calum S*****2230Wesleys Angels 4
7Jacob T*****8440Cant Score Wont Score
7Jordan H*****4960Team Katie4
8Dylan M*****7720Wesleys Angels 3
8Cameron K*****9690Omaha3
8Matt F*****8540Tinas All Stars3
8Ryan H*****3807Tinas All Stars3
8Michael M*****4920Cant Score Wont Score
8Caleb D*****2026Tinas All Stars3
8Krisstopher M*****4540Red Timbros3
8Tyler G*****0740Charlies Angels3
8Yris V*****0500Pitter Patter3
8Stefan C*****3990Cant Score Wont Score
8Ganden D*****1570Charlies Angels3
8Jacob T*****8440Cant Score Wont Score
8Kobe B*****4910Touchdown Mafia3
8Alex W*****4040Team Katie3
8Keiran M*****4030Cant Score Wont Score
9Arma H*****1360Team Katie2
9Nathan H*****0633Tinas All Stars2
9Logan K*****1610Team Katie2
9Dayna N*****0720Sports Management Laurier 2
9Rachel F*****5650No Punt Intended
9Evan C*****8260Wesleys Angels 2
9Tina L*****0989Tinas All Stars2
9Daniel m*****6450Red Timbros2
9Matthew F*****2230Wesleys Angels 2
9Alina B*****8500No Punt Intended
9Benjamin O*****2230Team Katie2
9Josh O*****4730Omaha2
9sdujhf s*****Free Agent Team2
9James T*****8807Pitter Patter2
9Ryley D*****0750Wesleys Angels 2
9Alex B*****0770Pitter Patter2
Rank Player Student ID Team INT
1Marlon C*****5710No Punt Intended
2Daniel F*****9950No Punt Intended
2Keiran M*****4030Cant Score Wont Score
2Jordan H*****4960Team Katie3
3Matt F*****8540Tinas All Stars2
3Reid M*****4020Omaha2
3James T*****8807Pitter Patter2
3Ganden D*****1570Charlies Angels2
4Shawn G*****4750Free Agent Team1
4Kalen W*****2900Bend it Like Beckham Jr.1
4Jake M*****4940Free Agent Team1
4Evan S*****3080No Punt Intended
4Alex W*****4040Team Katie1
4Cameron K*****9690Omaha1
4Ryan H*****3807Tinas All Stars1
4Owen W*****2740Free Agent Team1
4Anthony C*****3620Pitter Patter1
4Zach M*****7190Touchdown Mafia1
4Yasser Z*****3090Bend it Like Beckham Jr.1
4Alyssa I*****3840Free Agent Team1
4Timos P*****6660Cant Score Wont Score
4Ryan S*****8760Cant Score Wont Score
4Jacob T*****8440Cant Score Wont Score
4Daniella L*****5900Cant Score Wont Score
4mitch l*****8260Free Agent Team1
4Adam P*****0340Red Timbros1
4Andrew D*****7410Wesleys Angels 1
4Taryn R*****8400Sports Management Laurier 1
4Nathan H*****0633Tinas All Stars1
4Victoria K*****1310Wesleys Angels 1
4Liz I*****7060Tinas All Stars1
4Erin D*****6734Wesleys Angels 1
4Devon L*****7600Red Timbros1
4Erin B*****4700Tinas All Stars1
4Michael M*****4920Cant Score Wont Score
4Matthew F*****2230Wesleys Angels 1
4Tyler G*****0740Charlies Angels1
4Liam D*****1030Sports Management Laurier 1
4Krisstopher M*****4540Red Timbros1
4Colin H*****0370Tinas All Stars1
Rank Player Student ID Team CON
1Jonah J*****8070Pitter Patter6
2mitch l*****8260Free Agent Team4
2Owen W*****2740Free Agent Team4
2Yasser Z*****3090Bend it Like Beckham Jr.4
3Kalen W*****2900Bend it Like Beckham Jr.3
3Jacob T*****8440Cant Score Wont Score
3Jake M*****4940Free Agent Team3
3Keiran M*****4030Cant Score Wont Score
3Zach M*****7190Touchdown Mafia3
3Ryan H*****3807Tinas All Stars3
3Daniel F*****9950No Punt Intended
4Cameron K*****9690Omaha2
4Ajand B*****0524No Punt Intended
4Jen E*****7860Wesleys Angels 2
4Alex B*****0770Pitter Patter2
4Ryley D*****0750Wesleys Angels 2
4Tyler G*****0740Charlies Angels2
4Arma H*****1360Team Katie2
4Mark O*****8010Bend it Like Beckham Jr.2
4Josh V*****3870Pitter Patter2
4Marlon C*****5710No Punt Intended
5Alex H*****2620Omaha1
5James T*****8807Pitter Patter1
5Victoria H*****9610Bend it Like Beckham Jr.1
5Yris V*****0500Pitter Patter1
5Victoria K*****1310Wesleys Angels 1
5Sydney F*****2280Cant Score Wont Score
5Dylan M*****7720Wesleys Angels 1
5Caleb D*****2026Tinas All Stars1
5Kobe B*****4910Touchdown Mafia1
5Jacob T*****8440Cant Score Wont Score
5Mathuraa P*****6940Bend it Like Beckham Jr.1
5Matt F*****8540Tinas All Stars1
5Ganden D*****1570Charlies Angels1
5Nathan H*****0633Tinas All Stars1
5Tina L*****0989Tinas All Stars1
5Reid M*****4020Omaha1
5Colin H*****0370Tinas All Stars1
5Alex W*****4040Team Katie1
5Liz I*****7060Tinas All Stars1
5Derek B*****3610Bend it Like Beckham Jr.1
5Shawn G*****4750Free Agent Team1
5Erin B*****4700Tinas All Stars1
5Ryan F*****0616No Punt Intended
5Jeffrey H*****1440Team Katie1
5Kristin R*****1810Omaha1
Games Played
Rank Player Student ID Team GP
1Rachel F*****5650No Punt Intended
1Briar B*****2260No Punt Intended
1Chloe K*****7760Charlies Angels6
1Marlon C*****5710No Punt Intended
1mitch l*****8260Free Agent Team6
1Sydney W*****0070Charlies Angels6
1Jenna T*****4690Bend it Like Beckham Jr.6
1Charlie D*****8650Charlies Angels6
1Ryan F*****0616No Punt Intended
1Tyler G*****0740Charlies Angels6
1Ajand B*****0524No Punt Intended
1Derek B*****3610Bend it Like Beckham Jr.6
1Ganden D*****1570Charlies Angels6
1Daniel F*****9950No Punt Intended
1Shawn G*****4750Free Agent Team6
1Megan W*****6200Free Agent Team6
1Breanne D*****4010Free Agent Team6
1Jake M*****4940Free Agent Team6
1Owen W*****2740Free Agent Team6
2Caleb C*****4290Red Timbros5
2Sam F*****9440Red Timbros5
2Tina L*****0989Tinas All Stars5
2Jonah J*****8070Pitter Patter5
2Kobe B*****4910Touchdown Mafia5
2Jenny N*****4510Omaha5
2Anthony C*****3620Pitter Patter5
2Dylan M*****7720Wesleys Angels 5
2Zach M*****7190Touchdown Mafia5
2Tyler R*****7930Red Timbros5
2Kamran D*****4250No Punt Intended
2Megan S*****3300Pitter Patter5
2Stefan C*****3990Cant Score Wont Score
2Klarissa B*****8770Charlies Angels5
2Maddison S*****8270Omaha5
2Andrew D*****7410Wesleys Angels 5
2Meredith O*****5230Red Timbros5
2Aili F*****7019Pitter Patter5
2Ben B*****3500Cant Score Wont Score
2Cameron K*****9690Omaha5
2Calum S*****2230Wesleys Angels 5
2Arjan D*****3710Sports Management Laurier 5
2Matt F*****8540Tinas All Stars5
2George W*****3960Omaha5
2Victoria K*****1310Wesleys Angels 5
2Aine C*****3690Red Timbros5
2Owen M*****9170Omaha5
2James T*****8807Pitter Patter5
2Logan M*****4980Sports Management Laurier 5
2Julia F*****5530Omaha5
2Kalen W*****2900Bend it Like Beckham Jr.5
Intramural participants are bound by the University's Code of Conduct and the Athletic Facilities Fair Play Code.

There is zero tolerance for any form of harassment, discrimination or abusive behaviour.

The Fair Play Code is posted in the AC gym, pool and the Stadium gym. Sanctions will be applied for non-compliance.
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Intramural participants are bound by the University's Code of Conduct and the Athletic Facilities Fair Play Code.

There is zero tolerance for any form of harassment, discrimination or abusive behaviour.

The Fair Play Code is posted in the AC gym, pool and the Stadium gym. Sanctions will be applied for non-compliance.