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CoRec Ice Hockey Fall/Winter 2017/18

Each category will display a max of 50 players.

Games Played
Rank Player Student ID Team GP
1Ryan C*****9160Free Agent Team 18
1Sarah M*****6420The Mighty Pucks 8
1Theo J*****0670Winners8
1Claudia I*****2430The Mighty Pucks 8
1Nic M*****4020The Mighty Pucks 8
1Adam L*****8590Winners8
1Riley G*****5490Tropics (Kole)8
1Elliot H*****9990The Tropics (Nicholas)8
1Sean R*****4850The Mighty Pucks 8
1Ryan K*****2670The Mighty Pucks 8
1Peter B*****8200Winners8
1Robert S*****3430Tropics (Kole)8
1Kameron E*****3360Moves LIke Jagr8
1Jack L*****2410Tropics (Kole)8
1Chris R*****2330Moves LIke Jagr8
1Matthew B*****5050Free Agent Team 18
1Jessica H*****1280The Mighty Pucks 8
1Austin J*****0600Winners8
1Kathryn M*****5100The Eh Team8
1Taylor M*****6775Moves LIke Jagr8
1Reilly P*****7710The Eh Team8
1Kyle S*****8488Free Agent Team 18
1Nik S*****5210The Tropics (Nicholas)8
1Mack G*****8070The Eh Team8
1Alesha L*****5890The Mighty Pucks 8
1Conner M*****5050Winners8
1Quinn B*****1910The Eh Team8
1Brad D*****8590Free Agent Team 18
1Riley B*****0820Winners8
1Elyse D*****9350Tropics (Kole)8
1Blair B*****1790Moves LIke Jagr8
1Nicole M*****8410The Tropics (Nicholas)8
1Meghan v*****0260Winners8
1Chad M*****2600The Mighty Pucks 8
1Danielle W*****8370Tropics (Kole)8
1John M*****5200The Tropics (Nicholas)8
1Christian R*****8220Tropics (Kole)8
2Curtis T*****8700Winners7
2Scarlett A*****2120The Eh Team7
2Kole S*****5780Tropics (Kole)7
2Kaitlin P*****3830Free Agent Team 17
2Eric P*****8840Winners7
2Sam D*****5250The Mighty Pucks 7
2Jen E*****7860Winners7
2Aaron J*****2000Free Agent Team 17
2Kieran M*****6600The Eh Team7
2Daniel C*****2520The Tropics (Nicholas)7
2Andrew S*****6140Hawkey's7
2Jason G*****8720Free Agent Team 17
2Megan F*****5770The Mighty Pucks 7
Rank Player Student ID Team G
1Christian H*****8400Hawkey's9
2Austin J*****0600Winners8
2Blair B*****1790Moves LIke Jagr8
2Nik S*****5210The Tropics (Nicholas)8
2James H*****2840The Tropics (Nicholas)8
3Matthew B*****5050Free Agent Team 17
3Scarlett A*****2120The Eh Team7
3Nicholas B*****5250The Tropics (Nicholas)7
4Mack G*****8070The Eh Team6
5Sean R*****4850The Mighty Pucks 5
5Cameron L*****7300The Eh Team5
5Quinn B*****1910The Eh Team5
5Mike F*****7690The Tropics (Nicholas)5
5Brad D*****8590Free Agent Team 15
6Curtis T*****8700Winners4
6Megan S*****5290The Eh Team4
6Kameron E*****3360Moves LIke Jagr4
6Brett M*****7860Hawkey's4
6Elliot H*****9990The Tropics (Nicholas)4
6Kyle S*****8488Free Agent Team 14
6Ryan K*****2670The Mighty Pucks 4
6Jenna H*****0740The Tropics (Nicholas)4
7Jason G*****8720Free Agent Team 13
7Kyle C*****2440Winners3
7Brenden F*****0710Winners3
7Ian J*****1150Hawkey's3
7Adam L*****8590Winners3
7Adam B*****9980Free Agent Team 13
7Kieran M*****6600The Eh Team3
7Noah M*****1890Free Agent Team 13
7Riley G*****5490Tropics (Kole)3
7Jeffrey B*****2010Winners3
7Sam D*****5250The Mighty Pucks 3
7Daniel R*****2210Free Agent Team 13
8Meghan v*****0260Winners2
8Michael H*****7020Hawkey's2
8Rob L*****4210The Tropics (Nicholas)2
8Cooper W*****5600The Mighty Pucks 2
8Elyse D*****9350Tropics (Kole)2
8Nic M*****4020The Mighty Pucks 2
8Kathryn M*****5100The Eh Team2
8Kole S*****5780Tropics (Kole)2
8Danielle M*****6230The Eh Team2
8Josh G*****6200Moves LIke Jagr2
8Conner M*****5050Winners2
8Taylor B*****6440The Mighty Pucks 2
8Raegan E*****5180Winners2
8Theo J*****0670Winners2
8Matthew H*****2120Winners2
8Daniel C*****2520The Tropics (Nicholas)2
Rank Player Student ID Team A
1Elliot H*****9990The Tropics (Nicholas)11
2Meghan v*****0260Winners8
2Daniel C*****2520The Tropics (Nicholas)8
3Robert S*****3430Tropics (Kole)7
3Jen E*****7860Winners7
3Raegan E*****5180Winners7
4Rhiannon T*****0050The Tropics (Nicholas)6
4Reilly P*****7710The Eh Team6
4Riley B*****0820Winners6
4Kathryn M*****5100The Eh Team6
5Mack G*****8070The Eh Team5
5Nik S*****5210The Tropics (Nicholas)5
5Brad D*****8590Free Agent Team 15
5Matthew H*****2120Winners5
6Jordan R*****3870The Eh Team4
6Brenden F*****0710Winners4
6Cameron L*****7300The Eh Team4
6Michael H*****7020Hawkey's4
6Eric P*****8840Winners4
6Abby C*****3550Hawkey's4
6Blair B*****1790Moves LIke Jagr4
6Sydney M*****1690Winners4
6Jenna H*****0740The Tropics (Nicholas)4
6John M*****5200The Tropics (Nicholas)4
6Sarah M*****6420The Mighty Pucks 4
6Chris R*****2330Moves LIke Jagr4
6Scarlett A*****2120The Eh Team4
6Kameron E*****3360Moves LIke Jagr4
6Lauren H*****2910Hawkey's4
6Taylor B*****6440The Mighty Pucks 4
7Chris M*****6370The Tropics (Nicholas)3
7Jake L*****2080The Eh Team3
7Olivia T*****1430The Eh Team3
7Ryan C*****8790Hawkey's3
7Jake M*****4940The Tropics (Nicholas)3
7Quinn B*****1910The Eh Team3
7Curtis T*****8700Winners3
7Nicole M*****8410The Tropics (Nicholas)3
7James H*****2840The Tropics (Nicholas)3
7Xavier F*****9900The Mighty Pucks 3
7Conner M*****5050Winners3
7Christian R*****8220Tropics (Kole)3
7Brennan H*****6360The Mighty Pucks 3
7Tommy G*****6140Winners3
7Kieran M*****6600The Eh Team3
7Melinda W*****6550Moves LIke Jagr3
7Emily T*****8687Moves LIke Jagr3
7Matthew B*****5050Free Agent Team 13
7Andrew S*****6140Hawkey's3
7Ryan C*****9160Free Agent Team 13
Rank Player Student ID Team P
1Elliot H*****9990The Tropics (Nicholas)15
2Nik S*****5210The Tropics (Nicholas)13
3Mack G*****8070The Eh Team11
3James H*****2840The Tropics (Nicholas)11
3Scarlett A*****2120The Eh Team11
4Meghan v*****0260Winners10
4Matthew B*****5050Free Agent Team 110
4Blair B*****1790Moves LIke Jagr10
4Christian H*****8400Hawkey's10
4Daniel C*****2520The Tropics (Nicholas)10
4Brad D*****8590Free Agent Team 110
5Austin J*****0600Winners9
5Robert S*****3430Tropics (Kole)9
6Kathryn M*****5100The Eh Team8
6Jen E*****7860Winners8
6Kameron E*****3360Moves LIke Jagr8
6Cameron L*****7300The Eh Team8
6Quinn B*****1910The Eh Team8
6Raegan E*****5180Winners8
6Nicholas B*****5250The Tropics (Nicholas)8
6Jenna H*****0740The Tropics (Nicholas)8
7Brenden F*****0710Winners7
7Curtis T*****8700Winners7
7Sean R*****4850The Mighty Pucks 7
7Matthew H*****2120Winners7
7Riley B*****0820Winners7
8John M*****5200The Tropics (Nicholas)6
8Mike F*****7690The Tropics (Nicholas)6
8Rhiannon T*****0050The Tropics (Nicholas)6
8Taylor B*****6440The Mighty Pucks 6
8Michael H*****7020Hawkey's6
8Brett M*****7860Hawkey's6
8Reilly P*****7710The Eh Team6
8Kieran M*****6600The Eh Team6
9Jason G*****8720Free Agent Team 15
9Jake L*****2080The Eh Team5
9Lauren H*****2910Hawkey's5
9Abby C*****3550Hawkey's5
9Ian J*****1150Hawkey's5
9Sydney M*****1690Winners5
9Ryan K*****2670The Mighty Pucks 5
9Megan S*****5290The Eh Team5
9Sam D*****5250The Mighty Pucks 5
9Jeffrey B*****2010Winners5
9Kyle S*****8488Free Agent Team 15
9Conner M*****5050Winners5
9Kyle C*****2440Winners5
10Daniel R*****2210Free Agent Team 14
10Tommy G*****6140Winners4
10Sarah M*****6420The Mighty Pucks 4
Intramural participants are bound by the University's Code of Conduct and the Athletic Facilities Fair Play Code.

There is zero tolerance for any form of harassment, discrimination or abusive behaviour.

The Fair Play Code is posted in the AC gym, pool and the Stadium gym. Sanctions will be applied for non-compliance.
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Intramural participants are bound by the University's Code of Conduct and the Athletic Facilities Fair Play Code.

There is zero tolerance for any form of harassment, discrimination or abusive behaviour.

The Fair Play Code is posted in the AC gym, pool and the Stadium gym. Sanctions will be applied for non-compliance.