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Basketball is Back
 Basketball is Back

Ice Hockey 'A' Fall/Winter 2017/18

Each category will display a max of 50 players.

Rank Player Student ID Team G
1John N*****3600The Cens6
2Colin C*****7850Textbook Hockey3
2Isaac W*****2060The Cens3
2Jesse D*****3740No Jersey Devils3
3Marco D*****7240Textbook Hockey2
3Noah R*****9630Tropics2
3Braxton C*****2680The Cens2
3Dean S*****5440Textbook Hockey2
3Tyler D*****8760Tropics2
3Cam G*****7730Tropics2
3Tevin H*****4280The Cens2
3Mitch L*****6670Book Hockey2
3Nick B*****0530Prestige Worldwide2
4Daniel M*****4620Prestige Worldwide1
4Carter C*****6900Tropics1
4Brody K*****2790Tropics1
4Adam S*****8700Tropics1
4Harrison D*****2920No Jersey Devils1
4Mitchell N*****7040Tropics1
4Mathew L*****2640Tropics1
4Conrad L*****4110The Cens1
4JJ C*****7250Textbook Hockey1
4Reese F*****7800The Cens1
4Tushar B*****4500Book Hockey1
4Lucas Z*****8140Textbook Hockey1
4Andrew P*****3760The Cens1
4Daniel P*****8920Book Hockey1
4Sean M*****7710Book Hockey1
4Matthew C*****3430Textbook Hockey1
4Matt D*****9800Book Hockey1
4Matt C*****8220Textbook Hockey1
4Daniel K*****9820The Cens1
4Graeme P*****9200Prestige Worldwide1
4Mario R*****9310Book Hockey1
4Jack B*****5630Prestige Worldwide1
4Cameron M*****6000Prestige Worldwide1
4Blair F*****9680Book Hockey1
4Andrew C*****7300The Cens1
4Ryan H*****2020Prestige Worldwide1
4Matthew M*****1730Textbook Hockey1
4Jason M*****6550Prestige Worldwide1
4Justin Y*****6920Prestige Worldwide1
4Johhny M*****1780Textbook Hockey1
Rank Player Student ID Team A
1Isaac W*****2060The Cens6
2Tevin H*****4280The Cens5
3Braxton C*****2680The Cens4
4Marco D*****7240Textbook Hockey3
4Andrew C*****7300The Cens3
4Justin Y*****6920Prestige Worldwide3
4JJ C*****7250Textbook Hockey3
5Jake M*****4940Tropics2
5Noah R*****9630Tropics2
5Matt D*****9800Book Hockey2
5Dean S*****5440Textbook Hockey2
5Carter C*****6900Tropics2
5Harrison D*****2920No Jersey Devils2
5Daniel H*****2500No Jersey Devils2
5Jason M*****6550Prestige Worldwide2
6Luke L*****4900Book Hockey1
6Michael C*****8780Tropics1
6Tushar B*****4500Book Hockey1
6Daniel P*****8920Book Hockey1
6Sean M*****7710Book Hockey1
6Cameron M*****6000Prestige Worldwide1
6Lucas J*****9680Book Hockey1
6Matthew M*****1730Textbook Hockey1
6Blair F*****9680Book Hockey1
6Johhny M*****1780Textbook Hockey1
6Nick B*****0530Prestige Worldwide1
6Mike M*****5650No Jersey Devils1
6Cam G*****7730Tropics1
6Peter B*****8200No Jersey Devils1
6Graeme P*****9200Prestige Worldwide1
6Mitchell N*****7040Tropics1
6Jackson G*****2460Tropics1
6Kevin O*****7550Tropics1
6John N*****3600The Cens1
6Adrian V*****4640Tropics1
6Andrew P*****3760The Cens1
6Chris L*****2080Textbook Hockey1
6Tyler D*****8760Tropics1
6Conrad L*****4110The Cens1
Rank Player Student ID Team PTS
1Isaac W*****2060The Cens9
2Tevin H*****4280The Cens7
2John N*****3600The Cens7
3Braxton C*****2680The Cens6
4Marco D*****7240Textbook Hockey5
5Noah R*****9630Tropics4
5Justin Y*****6920Prestige Worldwide4
5Andrew C*****7300The Cens4
5Dean S*****5440Textbook Hockey4
5JJ C*****7250Textbook Hockey4
6Colin C*****7850Textbook Hockey3
6Jesse D*****3740No Jersey Devils3
6Harrison D*****2920No Jersey Devils3
6Jason M*****6550Prestige Worldwide3
6Tyler D*****8760Tropics3
6Cam G*****7730Tropics3
6Carter C*****6900Tropics3
6Matt D*****9800Book Hockey3
6Nick B*****0530Prestige Worldwide3
7Johhny M*****1780Textbook Hockey2
7Jake M*****4940Tropics2
7Graeme P*****9200Prestige Worldwide2
7Daniel P*****8920Book Hockey2
7Tushar B*****4500Book Hockey2
7Mitchell N*****7040Tropics2
7Sean M*****7710Book Hockey2
7Mitch L*****6670Book Hockey2
7Daniel H*****2500No Jersey Devils2
7Conrad L*****4110The Cens2
7Cameron M*****6000Prestige Worldwide2
7Blair F*****9680Book Hockey2
7Andrew P*****3760The Cens2
7Matthew M*****1730Textbook Hockey2
8Chris L*****2080Textbook Hockey1
8Jackson G*****2460Tropics1
8Daniel K*****9820The Cens1
8Luke L*****4900Book Hockey1
8Adam S*****8700Tropics1
8Brody K*****2790Tropics1
8Mathew L*****2640Tropics1
8Jack B*****5630Prestige Worldwide1
8Kevin O*****7550Tropics1
8Mike M*****5650No Jersey Devils1
8Ryan H*****2020Prestige Worldwide1
8Peter B*****8200No Jersey Devils1
8Adrian V*****4640Tropics1
8Mario R*****9310Book Hockey1
8Michael C*****8780Tropics1
8Daniel M*****4620Prestige Worldwide1
8Lucas Z*****8140Textbook Hockey1
Games Played
Rank Player Student ID Team GP
1Mitchell N*****7040Tropics3
1Craig R*****2020Prestige Worldwide3
1John N*****3600The Cens3
1JJ C*****7250Textbook Hockey3
1Jake M*****4940Tropics3
1Tyler D*****8760Tropics3
1Tyson L*****9900The Cens3
1Chris L*****2080Textbook Hockey3
1Jackson G*****2460Tropics3
1Matthew H*****3740No Jersey Devils3
1Braxton C*****2680The Cens3
1Colin C*****7850Textbook Hockey3
1Adam S*****8700Tropics3
1Carter C*****6900Tropics3
1Lucas Z*****8140Textbook Hockey3
1Andrew P*****3760The Cens3
1Noah R*****9630Tropics3
1Jason M*****6550Prestige Worldwide3
1Luke L*****4900Book Hockey3
1Conrad L*****4110The Cens3
1Ryan H*****2020Prestige Worldwide3
1Daniel P*****8920Book Hockey3
1Nathan B*****2000Textbook Hockey3
1Tevin H*****4280The Cens3
1Nick B*****0530Prestige Worldwide3
1Tushar B*****4500Book Hockey3
1Marco D*****7240Textbook Hockey3
1Isaac W*****2060The Cens3
1Kevin O*****7550Tropics3
1Cameron M*****6000Prestige Worldwide3
1Joseph C*****8170Book Hockey3
1Matthew M*****1730Textbook Hockey3
1Daniel K*****9820The Cens3
1Cam G*****7730Tropics3
1Justin Y*****6920Prestige Worldwide3
1Aedan M*****9280Book Hockey3
1Matt C*****8220Textbook Hockey3
1Patrick A*****3990The Cens3
1Thomas B*****0970Tropics3
1Nathan M*****3560Prestige Worldwide3
1Liam B*****0510The Cens3
1Dean S*****5440Textbook Hockey3
1Graeme P*****9200Prestige Worldwide3
1Adrian V*****4640Tropics3
1Daniel M*****4620Prestige Worldwide3
1Andrew C*****7300The Cens3
1Johhny M*****1780Textbook Hockey3
2Mario R*****9310Book Hockey2
2Jack C*****2500Textbook Hockey2
2Daniel H*****2500No Jersey Devils2
Intramural participants are bound by the University's Code of Conduct and the Athletic Facilities Fair Play Code.

There is zero tolerance for any form of harassment, discrimination or abusive behaviour.

The Fair Play Code is posted in the AC gym, pool and the Stadium gym. Sanctions will be applied for non-compliance.
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Intramural participants are bound by the University's Code of Conduct and the Athletic Facilities Fair Play Code.

There is zero tolerance for any form of harassment, discrimination or abusive behaviour.

The Fair Play Code is posted in the AC gym, pool and the Stadium gym. Sanctions will be applied for non-compliance.