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Brantford Intramurals

Laurier Brantford is excited to offer the following fun and engaging intramural leagues for you this 2017/2018 season:

  • Co-Ed Dodgeball
  • Co-Ed  Volleyball
  • Co-Ed Ice Hockey
  • Co-Ed Indoor Soccer
  • Open Basketball 
  • Open Singles Badminton 

For more information on each league including times, location, registration fees, etc. please refer to our 2017/2018 Rec Guide!  


To register for intramurals, CLICK HERE.

DEADLINE for Registration of all Intramural Leagues:
Fall Leagues (excluding Ice Hockey): Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 to Friday, September 22nd, 2017
Ice Hockey: Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 to Friday, September 29th, 2017.
Winter Leagues: Tuesday, January 3rd, 2018 to Friday, January 19th, 2018. 

Need some help registering online? Watch this video walk-through to get step-by-step instructions on how to register from home!

Payment Methods: Cash, Debit or Credit Card. At this time Wilkes House is unable to accept Cheques or ONECard!

Captain's Meeting

Captain's meetings are MANDATORY for all team captains. If the captain cannot attend, they can appoint someone else to attend in their place. Failure to attend a meeting will result in 50% forfeiture of bond money. In order to accomondate athlete availability, two identical Captain's Meetings will be held on campus.  Dates for the captains meeting will be posted once registration closes.

League Information

Click HERE to check information such as league schedules, standings, game results, and more!


Who can participate?
All registered WLU students with valid student ID or anyone with a facility membership (including faculty, staff, alumni or non-registered students).

How often can I play?
You can only play on 1 team per sport but are welcome to participate in as many sports as you would like.

How do I register my team?
Registration is available online during each semester through the Laurier Athletics website. Online registration and full payment is the only way your team is guaranteed a spot as space is limited in all sports. Payment can be made online by credit card, ONEcard, debit or in person at the Wilkes House Hawk Desk by all payment methods. Each entry requires a captain's name, phone number, e-mail, student ID and team name. Also, the full name and student number of each of the team players is necessary before the team can play. Each team must have the minimum number of players as required by the specifics of the sport.

I don’t have a team, can I still register on my own?
Some intramural sports are limited to Free Agent registration ONLY. In this case, teams will be built using random assignment. If you are interested in playing a sport but do not have enough people to make a team, you may also register as a Free Agent and you will be placed on a team. Free Agents can apply online or in person using the same process as entering a team (see above).

What is a Performance Bond?
Each team or free agent must pay a bond at the time of registration. The bond is set in 2 stages depending on the sport and type of registration. For the most part, team bonds are $50 and free agent bonds are $20. If your team is represented at the Captains’ meeting, plays in every competition and has no fair play infractions, the bond will be refunded in full at the end of the season. Bonds can be picked up at Wilkes House during exam periods ONLY (dates and times will be announced).

Why do I have to pay registration fees?
Your team's registration fee helps offset some of the administrative costs of organizing and operating the league including equipment, facility rental, officials, and promotional costs.

What happens if there is a tie at the end of the season?
In the case of a tie at the end of the regular season, we will use the following methods to determine how each team places (in this order):

  • Head to head (win).
  • The team with the most wins.
  • The team that has fewest runs/goals allowed.
  • The team that has the most runs/goals scored.
  • Lastly, a coin flip will be done to determine where they are placed. 

Captain's Information

When registering an intramural team, it is mandatory to assign one team member as your captain. This person will be responsible for communicating information to the remainder of the team, as well as attending Captain’s meetings.

It is the Captain’s responsibility to register the team and to update all team information. Team Captains will receive an email confirmation once their team has been added to the League. AFTER you have received the confirmation email, you will then need to login on the Laurier Athletics website to set up your roster. You will not see the roster editor before the team is approved. The confirmation email will appear as below:

Subject: Important Team Captain Information
Your team has been Imported into the Intramurals System
You can update/edit your roster after you login to
For any questions or comments, please email

Inputting Team Roster Information: INSTRUCTIONS

Brantford Intramural Captain's Manual: Captains Manual

Intramural Program Participation Waiver

All intramural participants are required to read and sign a Participation Waiver in order to participate in any recreational programming at Laurier Brantford.

The waiver can be found here: Intramural Waiver

Refund Policy

For all Intramural Programs and leagues the refund policy is as follows:
A FULL refund will be issued BEFORE the league starts.
Once the league starts NO refunds will be issued.

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Wilkes House Recreation Centre
119-121 Darling St
Brantford, ON  N3T 2Y3
Rear of Wilkes House Residence Building
Hawk Desk: (519) 756-8228 x5728
See Hours of Operation