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Frequently Asked Questions

The Essentials: 

What does my child need to bring on a daily basis? 
Before you leave your home each morning, please ensure that your child or children have packed their sunscreen, a refillable water bottle, nut-free snacks and lunch in their own backpack and is wearing appropriate clothing and footwear for games and activities. If your child has special medical concerns, please ensure that they have their equipment (puffer, epi-pen, etc.) with them at all times.
What extra costs for day camp do I need to be aware of?
Basically, everything is included in your initial camp fee with the exception of our After Camp Care fee. The After Camp Care fee applies to any child picked up after 5:00 p.m. daily. A $3.00/day/child charge will be applied if your child or children is not picked up by 5:00 p.m. If pre-arranged, we can accommodate up to 6:00 p.m. coverage for your child or children. Contact camp staff after registration is complete to arrange.
What are the camp hours?
Our camp programming runs from 9am until 4 pm, Monday to Friday. This being said, our camp opens at 8:00 am to accommodate the campers who need to be brought in early and pick-up ranges from 4:00 to 5:00 pm. We officially end our camp day at 4:45 p.m., with our new After Camp Care beginning at 5:00 p.m. For $15/week, or $3/day, you can arrange after camp care for your child, where they will stay with a camp-trained staff member until you arrive. We only offer this service until 6:00 pm at the latest, but it extends the day for those guardians who need it.
What sort of training does your staff have?
The absolute best. We require all staff to complete a CPR ’C’ and Standard First Aid course, the highest certification offered to the public. Summer FUN 101 also requires a clean and up-to-date Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening from each of our staff. It might be helpful to know that most of our staff members are in Laurier’s Concurrent Education or Childhood Education Development programs, which means they all have relevant experience teaching children of a variety of ages and backgrounds. 

The Food Questions:

What should I pack for my child to eat each day?
First and foremost, we ask that all snacks and lunch items are nut-free as we maintain a nut-free facility. Our staff check lunches before each snack and lunch, but your help is greatly appreciated! At Summer FUN 101 we have a morning snack, a lunch break, and an afternoon snack. We are always running around and having fun, so we ask that parents pack nutritious snacks and lunches that fuel us for the entire day! This does not include energy drinks, so please pack a refillable water bottle, as we often stop to rehydrate during the day!
Every Thursday we offer an optional Pizza & Movie Night for campers. Should they choose to stay, we will supply a pizza dinner for the event. Campers can bring additional snacks (ie. popcorn) for the movie if they choose to. Friday’s lunch is a BBQ for all of the campers and staff so all you have to worry about on Friday is snacks! 
My child only eats peanut butter, and you are a nut-free camp. What do I do?
This is a tricky one, and it always comes up at least once a summer. Since we are committed to providing a nut-free facility, we do not permit eating peanut butter or nut products (granola bars, cookies, etc.) while at camp.  Although some schools accommodate students (such as eating lunch in a different room), we will not. Quite simply, some allergies are so sensitive that even airborne particles or residue will trigger a severe attack. 
We suggest Soybean-based butter as an alternative to peanut butter. There are several alternatives in the average grocery store, and if you want to ask at the desk, we can certainly point you in the right direction. This being said – please send a note or let staff know in the morning if this is what your child is eating to help prevent lunch misunderstandings!
Do you have a water fountain?
Not the kind your child would recognize, no. We have a filtered water system which provides cool, triple filtered water on demand, but it has a nozzle which only allows the refilling of water bottles and containers. Our machine is incredibly ’green’ as it pulls moisture from the air, filters it 3 times, passes it through a UV lamp and chills it for a very clean, crisp drinking experience.  Please, please, please send your child to camp with a refillable water bottle marked with their name! 
My child has special dietary considerations or allergies. What should I do?
By all means, send them to Summer FUN 101! Whatever your concern, big or small, our highly trained staff are required to be flexible around the needs of your child, dietary or otherwise.  Parents of children with diabetes and severe allergies have told us our attention to detail is second to none!

The Camp Itself:

How does your camp day run? What do you usually do?
As I’m sure you know, each week at Summer FUN is based around a theme for our programming. Our outside activities will usually occur at non-peak hours (early morning, late afternoon) so we are not out in the hottest or smoggiest time of the day. We balance each day with a variety of high and low impact games, crafts and activities. We also incorporate a variety of icebreakers and teambuilding games to help your child feel comfortable with their new camp friends. As always, the weather will dictate our programming – but we are hoping for a sunny and dry summer that will provide us significant play time outside!
My child has made a new friend at camp – how can we contact them?
This is a tricky one for a lot of kids to understand, but we will not give out private information without parental or guardian consent. This includes phone numbers, addresses, or email addresses. We encourage new camp friendships, but please exchange information guardian-to-guardian if your children would like to continue their friendship outside of camp. Thank you for your understanding!
Remember, these are only a sample of some of the questions we receive.  If you have a question or concern, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are more than happy to assist!


Wilkes House Recreation Centre
119-121 Darling St
Brantford, ON  N3T 2Y3
Rear of Wilkes House Residence Building
Hawk Desk: (519) 756-8228 x5728
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Wilkes House Recreation Centre
119-121 Darling St
Brantford, ON  N3T 2Y3
Rear of Wilkes House Residence Building
Hawk Desk: (519) 756-8228 x5728
See Hours of Operation