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Laurier Recreation is proud to offer a wide variety of instructional dance classes. Many different styles and levels are offered to suit a multitude of participants. It is a great way to try something new or enhance your own abilities while receiving a great weekly workout! All classes occur weekly for 10 weeks and are 1 hour and 15 minutes in length. Each class creates a dance routine that will be performed at the end of each semester in the Dance Showcase. This is a chance for participants to demonstrate their talent and what they have accomplished during the semester. Information regarding the times, locations and class descriptions of all Special Interest programming can be found online through the registration site at

Dance Program Fees: $66 + HST

Dance Class Levels: (all classes listed below will peform in an end of year Showcase)


No dance experience necessary! Beginner classes are geared towards dancers who have never taken a dance class. Dancers will learn the basic elements and steps.


For intermediate classes, some dance experience is necessary as dancers must know how to execute basic dance steps. Intermediate levels are for dancers who prefer a slower paced class.


Dancers wishing to take an advanced level class are required to have extensive dance experience. They must be able to pick up choreography quickly and remember it week to week. Dancers will also be required to execute various technique.

No Level Listed

This class is open to all, regardless of dance experience! Beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers are welcome to participate.

Dance Classes Offered:

NEW! Afro Beats
This new class is a high-energy, fun and groovy addition to the dance program. This class will introduce participants to African and Dancehall style moves rooted in the Afro-Caribbean culture. This fun-filled class will definitely make participants work up a sweat and it will further promote cultural diversity in Laurier’s dance scene!

NEW! Latin
This new class is full of sass and passion! Come alone or with a partner and prepare to be immersed in a fun and hip style of Latin to modern pop music. No experience required, just come ready to move and groove! 

Throwback Thursday is an open level dance class where you will learn iconic moves from your favourite music videos! This is a non-performance dance class designed for those who just want to dance to have fun, giving TBT an entirely new meaning! 

This class is based around acrobatics incorporated with dance.  We will focus on tricks and lifts throughout this semester and our end goal will reflect all that we have worked on.  This is an advanced level class and requires previous experience in acro dance or gymnastics.

This class is for ladies only! What a great way to have fun with friends. Leave your inhibitions at the door, this class is meant to be fun.

Chair Dancing
Similar to burlesque, this class is all choreographed around the chair.

Classical Ballet
Ballet is comprised of barre work, center floor and across the room incorporating the fundamentals of dance. This classical style focuses on elegant lines and technique to develop the proper body alignment required for ballet. Ballet is taught at an open level meaning that it is open for anyone to try.  

Contemporary (available in Intermediate and Advanced levels)
This style is founded on natural movement, creativity, expression, technique, dynamics, body awareness and the use of space. Students will explore modern dance movement through warm-ups, various exercises and combinations, as well as improvisations that will be later used in the choreography of a performance routine. Previous dance experience is required for the advanced level.

Feel The Beat
Feat the Beat, developed by a Laurier alumni, is a class comprised of young adults with developmental disabilities from the KW community as well as Laurier student volunteers. In combination with great music, great moves, and great exercise, Feel the Beat provides participants and volunteers with a great learning experience both creatively and socially through various styles of dance and activities focused on fostering a cohesive group atmosphere.

Hip Hop (available in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels)
This class uses the latest sounds in Rap, R&B, Dance Music, Pop & Old School in combination with classic hip hop dance elements such as poppin', locking and freestyle movement. Dancers will be taught intricate combinations at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. 

Jazz (available in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels)
An exciting and ever evolving dance form full of rhythm, syncopation, passion and life.  Jazz dance brings energy to all those who dance it.  Classes explore body isolations of the head, shoulders, ribcage, feet and arms and encourage individual expression and the development of personal style. Ever evolving, jazz dance is taught with the music of today together with the classical jazz of the past. 

Lyrical (available in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels)
Lyrical dance combines techniques developed through jazz, modern, and ballet. The focus of lyrical is on the emotion expressed through the dancer and the piece of music. Due to the influence of other dance styles on lyrical, this class is designed for experienced dancers. Each class is composed of warm-up, developing jump and turn techniques, and learning a routine to be preformed at the end of the semester. Previous dance experience is required.

Open (available in Intermediate and Advanced levels)
This class is a chance for dancers to carry on with their high level of training. This class will combine disciplines such as jazz, ballet, lyrical, hip-hop and acro. A dancer does not have to be trained in all forms to join, but should be interested in learning new styles. This class will give all dancers a chance to improve their technique, flexibility and learn creative choreography. A technical and creative piece will be put together at the end of the semester. Previous dance experience is required.

Do you find your toes tapping to the beat of the music?  If yes, then it's time to take a tap class!  Tap is a unique style of dance, with intricate rhythms and exciting combinations of steps that can be performed to any type of music.  This class will focus on learning new rhythms, developing tap technique, and having fun while still being challenged.  Beginners are welcome, but previous experience is recommended.

All the below classes DO NOT have performance component and will not be performing in the showcase

This class will focus on increasing strength and flexibility, alignment, coordination and injury prevention. A variety of warm up activities and exercises will be developed and catered to the needs of the students. The class will also focus on developing proper dance technique by getting back to the basics and the foundations. Dancers will also have the opportunity to learn and strengthen dance steps like jumps, turns and kicks. No experience necessary!


Over 6,000 students at Laurier participate in 30 intramural sports and 40 recreational programs annually.

All Fitness and Recreational classes and instruction require an additional fee to assist with the instructional component to the class. Registration takes place early in the term through an online process.

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Over 6,000 students at Laurier participate in 30 intramural sports and 40 recreational programs annually.

All Fitness and Recreational classes and instruction require an additional fee to assist with the instructional component to the class. Registration takes place early in the term through an online process.