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Volleyball Green Winter 2017

Each category will display a max of 50 players.

Rank Player Student ID Team K
1Zach S*****5720Notorious D.I.G41
2Karim P*****9140DWA26
3Prince V*****3940Real HouseWives of Volleywood22
4Marcus S*****5550Block You Like a Hurricane21
4Rabbisan R*****5010Holes21
5Yannis C*****0950Safe Sets20
5Tom Y*****2880Notorious D.I.G20
5Austin P*****1910Holes20
6Jacob D*****0720Serves You Right 19
7Troy M*****7150Block You Like a Hurricane18
7Ryan M*****4620Emily18
7Jacob L*****4530Dont pass to Adi18
7Nickolas M*****7790Dont pass to Adi18
7Matthew D*****0180Dont pass to Adi18
8Matt R*****4050Real HouseWives of Volleywood16
9Patryk D*****7720Serves You Right 15
9erin t*****1870Jumpmans15
10Andrea C*****9080Holes14
11Davin P*****7660Serves You Right 13
11Mark W*****5710Team Emily 13
11Edwin c*****5300Squaderloo13
12Neil W*****3450Squaderloo12
12Lucas P*****4110Notorious D.I.G12
13Jade J*****9120Block You Like a Hurricane11
13Scott E*****5740Team Emily 11
14Emily V*****6100Emily9
14Natan M*****4190Emily9
14Nick S*****7830Safe Sets9
14matthew c*****3650Jumpmans9
14Matt O*****1550Emily9
15Ian J*****1150Serves You Right 8
15Alyssa B*****2260DWA8
15Maddy P*****0210Squaderloo8
16Megan C*****5570Serves You Right 7
16Lauren B*****4325Notorious D.I.G7
16Hayley D*****1000Team Emily 7
16Dean S*****5440Dont pass to Adi7
17Dylan Y*****6260Squaderloo6
17John H*****0230Holes6
17Mariet W*****2470Serves You Right 6
17sarah g*****2460Jumpmans6
18Sydney H*****6940Notorious D.I.G5
18Emily K*****2730Team Emily 5
18Hayley C*****3350Dont pass to Adi5
18Kristen F*****5860Squaderloo5
19Gledis K*****2780Notorious D.I.G4
19Victoria C*****0780Notorious D.I.G4
19Kayvon H*****7510Team Emily 4
19Moriah V*****9634Dont pass to Adi4
19Julian T*****8300DWA4
Rank Player Student ID Team B
1Marcus S*****5550Block You Like a Hurricane14
2Neil W*****3450Squaderloo6
2Tom Y*****2880Notorious D.I.G6
3Ryan M*****4620Emily5
3Karim P*****9140DWA5
4Andrea C*****9080Holes4
4Ryan Z*****9310Holes4
4Yannis C*****0950Safe Sets4
5Nick S*****7830Safe Sets3
5Natan M*****4190Emily3
5Rabbisan R*****5010Holes3
6Dean S*****5440Dont pass to Adi2
6Davin P*****7660Serves You Right 2
6Maddy P*****0210Squaderloo2
6Julian T*****8300DWA2
6Ian J*****1150Serves You Right 2
6Mark W*****5710Team Emily 2
6martin o*****5980Jumpmans2
6Edwin c*****5300Squaderloo2
6Prince V*****3940Real HouseWives of Volleywood2
6Jace K*****0950Safe Sets2
6Austin P*****1910Holes2
6Zach S*****5720Notorious D.I.G2
7Dylan Y*****6260Squaderloo1
7Alex C*****2390Squaderloo1
7Nickolas M*****7790Dont pass to Adi1
7Jacob D*****0720Serves You Right 1
7John H*****0230Holes1
7rohan g*****0730Jumpmans1
7Jace K*****9770Safe Sets1
7Chloe H*****1250Block You Like a Hurricane1
7Sydney H*****6940Notorious D.I.G1
7Kayvon H*****7510Team Emily 1
7Kim C*****8270Block You Like a Hurricane1
7Jade J*****9120Block You Like a Hurricane1
7Jacob L*****4530Dont pass to Adi1
7Mariet W*****2470Serves You Right 1
Rank Player Student ID Team A
1Karim P*****9140DWA15
2Nickolas M*****7790Dont pass to Adi13
3Troy M*****7150Block You Like a Hurricane11
4Mark W*****5710Team Emily 10
5Emily V*****6100Emily9
5Andrea C*****9080Holes9
5Zach S*****5720Notorious D.I.G9
5Samantha C*****8520DWA9
6Marcus S*****5550Block You Like a Hurricane8
6Ryan M*****4620Emily8
6Austin P*****1910Holes8
6Lauren B*****4325Notorious D.I.G8
7Kristen F*****5860Squaderloo7
7Jacob L*****4530Dont pass to Adi7
7Moriah V*****9634Dont pass to Adi7
7Julian T*****8300DWA7
8Maddy P*****0210Squaderloo6
8Kim C*****8270Block You Like a Hurricane6
8John H*****0230Holes6
8Kayvon H*****7510Team Emily 6
8Scott E*****5740Team Emily 6
9Emily F*****1830Emily5
9Matthew D*****0180Dont pass to Adi5
9Sydney H*****6940Notorious D.I.G5
10Andrew C*****7360Real HouseWives of Volleywood4
10Jade J*****9120Block You Like a Hurricane4
10Jacob D*****0720Serves You Right 4
10Matt R*****4050Real HouseWives of Volleywood4
10Lucas P*****4110Notorious D.I.G4
10Shannon L*****1940Team Emily 4
10Hayley C*****3350Dont pass to Adi4
10matthew c*****3650Jumpmans4
11erin t*****1870Jumpmans3
11Edwin c*****5300Squaderloo3
11Natan M*****4190Emily3
11Taylor B*****3001Block You Like a Hurricane3
11Jace K*****0950Safe Sets3
11Ash S*****5130Real HouseWives of Volleywood3
11Rabbisan R*****5010Holes3
11EmilyBeth E*****7400Real HouseWives of Volleywood3
11Gledis K*****2780Notorious D.I.G3
11Hayley D*****1000Team Emily 3
11sarah g*****2460Jumpmans3
11Neil W*****3450Squaderloo3
12Alex C*****2390Squaderloo2
12Jacob L*****4250Real HouseWives of Volleywood2
12Chloe H*****1250Block You Like a Hurricane2
12Mariet W*****2470Serves You Right 2
12Megan C*****5570Serves You Right 2
12Ian J*****1150Serves You Right 2
Games Played
Rank Player Student ID Team GP
1Marcus S*****5550Block You Like a Hurricane7
1Lucas P*****4110Notorious D.I.G7
1Troy M*****7150Block You Like a Hurricane7
1Zach S*****5720Notorious D.I.G7
1Yannis C*****0950Safe Sets7
1Chloe H*****1250Block You Like a Hurricane7
1Jade J*****9120Block You Like a Hurricane7
1Sydney H*****6940Notorious D.I.G7
1Tom Y*****2880Notorious D.I.G7
2Hayley C*****3350Dont pass to Adi6
2Lauren B*****4325Notorious D.I.G6
2Nick S*****7830Safe Sets6
2Gledis K*****2780Notorious D.I.G6
2Alexa X*****6310Safe Sets6
2Madeline G*****8820Safe Sets6
2Victoria C*****0780Notorious D.I.G6
2Jacob L*****4530Dont pass to Adi6
2Austin P*****1910Holes6
2Moriah V*****9634Dont pass to Adi6
2Nickolas M*****7790Dont pass to Adi6
3Matthew D*****0180Dont pass to Adi5
3erin t*****1870Jumpmans5
3Andrew C*****7360Real HouseWives of Volleywood5
3Jace K*****0950Safe Sets5
3Ash S*****5130Real HouseWives of Volleywood5
3Ryan M*****4620Emily5
3Aditya M*****5770Dont pass to Adi5
3Prince V*****3940Real HouseWives of Volleywood5
3Andrew P*****5120Notorious D.I.G5
3Alyssa B*****2260DWA5
3EmilyBeth E*****7400Real HouseWives of Volleywood5
3Ryan M*****8150Safe Sets5
3Kim C*****8270Block You Like a Hurricane5
3Scott E*****5740Team Emily 5
3Emily F*****1830Emily5
3Julian T*****8300DWA5
3Neil W*****3450Squaderloo5
3Mark W*****5710Team Emily 5
3Andrea C*****9080Holes5
3Maddy P*****0210Squaderloo5
3Shannon L*****1940Team Emily 5
3Samantha C*****8520DWA5
3Karim P*****9140DWA5
3Jasmine G*****0380Holes5
3sarah g*****2460Jumpmans5
3Edwin c*****5300Squaderloo5
3Kayvon H*****7510Team Emily 5
3Emily V*****6100Emily5
3Ryan Z*****9310Holes5
4Matt R*****4050Real HouseWives of Volleywood4
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 Linden Square
Intramural participants are bound by the University's Code of Conduct and the Athletic Facilities Fair Play Code.

There is zero tolerance for any form of harassment, discrimination or abusive behaviour.

The Fair Play Code is posted in the AC gym, pool and the Stadium gym. Sanctions will be applied for non-compliance.
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Intramural participants are bound by the University's Code of Conduct and the Athletic Facilities Fair Play Code.

There is zero tolerance for any form of harassment, discrimination or abusive behaviour.

The Fair Play Code is posted in the AC gym, pool and the Stadium gym. Sanctions will be applied for non-compliance.