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Residence Floor Events and Group Bookings

Floor events can be booked between the months of September and March. For more information, please email sportinfo@wlu.ca.

Event Options:
1. Rock Climbing

Length: 1 hour
Content: Introduction to climbing techniques, harness systems, belaying, and lots of climbing time.
Cost: $28 for over 10 people, $14 for 2 - 9 people

2. Aerobics

Length: 1 hour
Content: Aerobics combine rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines in an ultimate goal of improving all elements of fitness. These classes help tone your body and keep you in shape. Group Fitness programs provide one of the best all-around workouts! You have the option of choosing one of the following types of classes:

  • Step
  • Hi/Lo energy
  • Boxing
  • Boot Camp

    Class Size: Min. 6, Max. 30
    Cost: $15/class

    3. Pilates

    Length: 1 hour
    Content: Be prepared for a refreshing challenge! This non-impact class is focused on core stability training (abdominals and back), flexibility and strength for the whole body. Originally developed to rehabilitate injured dancers, Pilates is now enjoyed by all fitness enthusiasts!
    Class Size: Min. 6, Max. 25
    Cost: $15/class

    4. Cycle Fit

    Length: 1 hour
    Content: Also known as spinning, indoor group cycling, or power pacing. A great way to get a high intensity workout that simulates riding on the flats, hills and climbs and fun drills that will improve your cardio and keep you toned. Riders motivate each other while the instructor provides the drills and imagery to make your ride more enjoyable and push you to your limit.
    Class Size: Min. 4, Max. 25
    Cost: $15/class

    5. Dance

    Length: 1 hour

    Content: Many different styles and levels are offered to suit a multitude of participants. It is a great way to try something new or enhance your own abilities while receiving a great weekly workout!
    Class Size: Min. 4, Max. 35
    Cost: $15/class

    6. Martial Arts/ Self Defence

    Length: 1 hour

    Content: This class is a hybrid of several martial art styles. Mixed martial arts aim to allow students to study and train in the different aspects of the sport. There will be a particular focus on standup/striking utilizing boxing, muay thai, kick boxing and kempo karate as well as groundwork which puts an emphasis on wrestling, jujitsu, BJJ and Judo.
    Class Size: Min. 4, Max 25
    Cost: $20/class

    7. Pool

    Length: 1 hour
    Class size: Max 60
    Cost: $28

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