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Group Exercise is a form of physical activity that combines aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training with the goal of improving all elements of fitness. Laurier offers hours of aerobic programming a week, aimed towards toning your body and keeping you in shape! The Group Exercise Pass is available for the low price of $71+ HST.   Take advantage of our Early Bird rate, $63 + HST until Friday, January 10th.

Double Play Pass
Vary your workout and save money! Register for the Double Play Pass to get the Cycle Fit and Group Exercise passes for the reduced rate of $110 + HST.   Take advantage of our Early Bird rate, $100 + HST until September 20th.

Drop In Fee
If you are not necessarily planning on attending fitness classes on a regular basis, there is the option of the Drop in Fee, which allows you to attend any Fitness or Cycle class for $7 per class. So, if you missed the free week and would like to try out a class before purchasing the Group Exercise Pass, you may do so by paying $7 per class. If you decide to try a class using the Drop in Fee, be aware that if the class is full of participants who have paid for the Wellness pass you will have to use your Drop in Pass for another class. 


Balance CORE: This class mainly uses the stability ball to tone and strengthen your entire body. The stability ball is a classic way to spice up old exercises, lower the impact on joints (great for people who have injuries!) and to give each muscle - particularly the core - a more challenging workout.

Barre Fitness:  A new and exciting approach to a strength and conditioning class. Inspired by the work dancers do at a ballet barre, Barre Fitness focuses on cardio training, core conditioning, strength and stabilization, and sculpting long lean muscles - without requiring any previous dance experience.

Bars and plates: A medium to high intensity muscle strength class tied with core and cardio. Bars and Plates focuses on toning and sculpting your muscles, while increasing your muscle strength at the same time.

Bootcamp: A modern fitness phenomenon, yet classic military style workout is guaranteed to get results. This high energy class will test your aerobic and anaerobic systems that will leave you feeling stronger and fitter than you've ever been. Be prepared for both aerobic and muscle conditioning drills that will work to improve your overall fitness.

Bootylicious: Intended for women only.  One word - Booty. Not to be confused as a dance class, Bootylicious will use high intensity cardio and strength training to target your core, legs, but mostly your booty. Come ready for a high-energy class that uses a variety of fun fitness equipment and music you can't help but move to.

Cardio Combat: This classic kickboxing cardio workout is designed to challenge the upper and lower body in both aerobic and anaerobic techniques creating an all in one, power packed workout

Core: A shortened class designed to focus solely on your core. Working to tone and strengthen your abdominals, obliques and back.


Dancelates is inspired by the way dancers train and condition their bodies. The focus of the class is on both flexibility and strength training. This class is an excellent alternative to your regular workout.

Exhaust and Relax: A high intensity interval training class (HIIT). Exhaust and relax is designed to push you to your limits for the first 45 minutes with exciting high intensity intervals, followed by 15 minutes of total relaxation.

Muscle Pump: A classic muscle conditioning class that will put your strength and muscular endurance to the test. This head to toe work out will teach participants of all fitness levels how to maximize their workout and properly use a variety of fitness equipment. The class is designed for sculpting the body and helping you reach your fitness goals as efficiently as possible. You won't want to miss out on this one!

Pilates: This program focuses on the core postural muscles which help keep the body balanced and which are essential to providing support for the spine, in particular teaching awareness of breath and alignment of the spine. This class aims to strengthen deep torso muscles.

Pump & Core - A 45-minute classic Muscle Pump class followed by 15 minutes of abdominal-focused exercise.

Power Pilates: Try more complex and challenging pilates techniques at a faster pace. This is great for strengthening muscles and building stamina. 

Step: A classic step class infused with an upbeat and modern vibe! Steps are perfect for toning the lower body and increasing your caloric output. This high energy class will get your heart rate pumping and will leave you feeling energized.

Stretch and Strength: Focuses on muscle conditioning with low weight loads and high repetition, functional movements in combination with a carefully structured series of stretches. You will burn fat, gain strength, and improve core stability, and increase flexibility. Stretch and strength is ideal for improving functional strength and assisting in injury prevention.

Summer Sculpt: Warmer weather prompts a total body conditioning class that will work to strengthen your muscles from head to flip flop. Participants of all fitness levels will be taught how to properly use a variety of fitness equipment in order to maximize their workout. Come ready to challenge yourself and have some fun!

Swimfit: Learn to swim more efficiently. Swimfit is lane swim with an instructor that will post workouts and help you improve your technique and learn new moves.

Power Yoga: Try more complex and challenging yoga techniques at a faster pace. This is great for strengthening muscles and building stamina.

Yoga Flow: Relaxation techniques, breathing, gentle stretches and mediation techniques to relieve cramped muscles, sore backs, headaches and over-stuffed brains.

Yogalates: Combing techniques from yoga and pilates

Advanced Yoga: Advanced yoga is designed to challenge participants through a variety of challenging yoga techniques. This will help increase flexibility and muscle strength. A strong yoga background is recommended.

Zumba: Combines high-energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations that allow the Zumba participants to dance away their worries. Add some spice and flare to your workout with this Latin-based group exercise class that is fun and easy to do. No dance experience required! 

Zumba Toning: Combines high-energy and motivating music with weights! Everything you love about Zumba with the added bonus of muscle toning weight exercises.

Registration opens January 1st, 2014 and is available online at www.laurierathletics.com/registration. Shoe tag pick up is at the Athletic Complex Hawk Desk during regular hours. 

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