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Rock Climbing Wall

Laurier's Athletic Complex houses a fun and challenging rock climbing wall. Members must pay a nominal charge and pass a belay test in order to use the structure.

The climbing wall features over 50 fiberglass panels mounted on steel framework, providing 15 climbing routes that reach 25 metres in height. The wall is designed to provide a personal level of challenge, by featuring movable hand and foot grips that can be changed depending on the user's preference.

Please note that there is a capacity restriction of 12 climbers on the wall at once.


The prices listed are estimates and may vary depending on the nature and extent of the session. Instructors are required for all climbing sessions and must be provided by the Department of Athletics and Recreation. These prices are also applicable for non-Laurier events and organizations. Please check the availability of the facility by viewing the Facility Usage Schedule. Should the time desired be available, submit a Booking Request Form online.

For rental rates please click here.

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