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Thursday, November 10, 2011Posted by Marta Kowalski
Dirty Man's Elbow Leads Playoff Charge

European handball is just about to enter playoffs and you should be coming to the stadium Wednesday night to cheer on your fellow hawk classmates. With several new and improved rules to speed up the game, youll be mesmerized by how talented your friends really are. Awesome passes, wicked goals and all around strong hustle has been the theme of this intramural sport. With the Dirty Man's Elbow leading the charge as of November 9, we are in store for quite the playoff final as the Monarchs and Beauty Nation are right on their tale.

A special thanks to our referees, Bryana, Jarrett, Silviu and Adam, for doing a spectacular job. Due to their efforts, the league has never run this smoothly.
Hope to see you at the stadium!

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