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Student Staff Directory
Communications & Marketing
Name Position Ext. Email
Busby, ShaelynPhotography Assistantxsbusby@laurierathletics.com
De Santis, LauraSocial Media Assistantx
Hurley, DanielStaff Writerx
Leitch, ChadVideographerx3888cleitch@laurierathletics.com
Morin, MichelleSponsorship & Events Assistantx
Tonkin, MatthewCommunications Assistatntx3888mtonkin@laurierathletics.com
Tremaine, VirginiaSports Info Assistantxvtremaine@laurierathletics.com
Name Position Ext. Email
Clarke, SebastianStudent Leader - Basketball Coordinatorxsclarke@laurierathletics.com
Curlew, LeanneStudent Leader - Soccer Coordinatorx
Dawtrey, AidenStudent Leader - Hockey Coordinatorxadawtrey@laurierathletics.com
Durocher, JoelliStudent Leader - Event Promotions Assistantx
Hall, SarahStudent Leader - Youth Programs Coordinatorxshall@laurierathletics.com
Hutt, HunterStudent Leader - Ticketing Coordinatorxhhutt@laurierathletics.com
Walker, KateStudent Leader - Concessions Coordinatorxkwalker@laurierathletics.com
Name Position Ext. Email
Ball, RyanStudent Leader - Stadium Hawk Desk Coordinatorxrball@laurierathletics.com
Jacklin, MeganStudent Leader - Fitness Centre Coordinatorx3803mjacklin@laurierathletics.com
Koroll, RebeccaStudent Leader - Hawk Desk Coordinatorx
Moore, ThomasStudent Leader - Special Projects Coordinatorxtmoore@laurierathletics.com
Pringnitz, KeelinStudent Leader - Hawk Desk Coordinatorx3803
Van Luven, WesleyStudent Leader - Special Projects Assistantxwvanluven@laurierathletics.com
Name Position Ext. Email
Barwick, TrentStudent Leader - Intramural Coordinatorxtbarwick@laurierathletics.com
Bergman, JodiStudent Leader - Aquatics Coordinatorxjbergman@laurierathletics.com
De Mille, MalloryStudent Leader - Marketing Assistantxsummersoccer@laurierathletics.com
Doherty, RyanStudent Leader - Intramural Coordinatorxrdoherty@laurierathletics.com
Durran, MalloryStudent Leader - Personal Training Coordinatorxmdurran@laurierathletics.com
Galli, LauraStudent Leader - Cycle Coordinatorxlgalli@laurierathletics.com
George, MicheleStudent Leader - Aquatics Coordinatorxmgeorge@laurierathletics.com
Harp, DylanStudent Leader - Climbing Wall Coordinatorxdharp@lauierathletics.com
Isnor, HeatherStudent Leader - Ice Hockey Coordinatorxhisnor@laurierathletics.com
Neal, ErinStudent Leader - Clubs Coordinatorx
Pepper, CalvinStudent Leader - Group Exercise Coordinatorxcpepper@laurierathletics.com
Hawk Desk/Fit Desk
Name Position Ext. Email
Allin, MollyHawk Desk Attendantx 
Balogh, AndrewFit Centre Attendantx 
Barwick, TrentHawk Desk Attendantx3803 
Baxter, MarkFit Centre Attendantx 
Beverly, KatrinaHawk Desk Attendantx 
Bowden, MelissaHawk Desk Attendantx3803 
Bowes, StevenHawk Desk Attendantx3803 
Brick, LaurenHawk Desk Attendantx3803 
Bruce, CourtneyHawk Desk Attendantx 
Burrows, AlexFit Centre Attendantx 
Butler, RebeccaHawk Desk Attendantx3803 
Camman, RichardHawk Desk Attendantx 
Clarke, SebastianStadium Hawk Desk Attendantx3427 
Corinaldi, MattStadium Hawk Desk Attendantx3427 
Costa, AlexaFit Centre Attendantx 
Curlew, LeanneStadium Hawk Desk Attendantx3427 
Davies, ShelbyAC Assistantx 
De Mille, MalloryHawk Desk Attendantx 
Deck, CraigStadium Hawk Desk Attendantx 
Delle Donne, GianPauloFit Centre Attendantx 
Dierijck, JillStadium Hawk Desk Attendantx 
Donaldson, ClareStadium Deskx 
Donaldson, LeslieStadium Hawk Desk Attendantx3427 
Dupuis, AndrewHawk Desk Attendantx 
Ellenor, WhitneyHawk Desk Attendantx 
Engstrom, StevenHawk Desk Attendantx3803 
Galli, LauraFit Centre Attendantx 
Hart, EvanHawk Desk Attendantx3803 
Horvath, RobertHawk Desk Attendantx 
Huehn, TaylorHawk Desk Attendantx3803 
Jacobs, SamanthaHawk Desk Attendantx3803 
Jeffreys, MelissaFit Centre Attendantx 
Karpiak, MichaelHawk Desk Attendantx3803 
Kennedy, JadeHawk Desk Attendantx 
Kennedy, RussellHawk Desk Attendantx3803 
Kiehn, MichaelFit Centre Attendantx 
Kupka, AmandaStadium Hawk Desk Attendantx 
Llewellyn, SiobahnHawk Desk Attendantx3803 
Love, MeaganFit Centre Attendantx 
Luciani, AlenaHawk Desk Attendantx3803 
Manley, BrandonHawk Desk Attendantx 
Marks-Grant, TamikaHawk Desk Attendantx 
McEwan, ChristinaHawk Desk Attendantx3803 
McKnight, AlexandraHawk Desk Attendantx3803 
Nower, EmmaFit Centrex 
Nyhof, GregHawk Desk Attendantx3803 
O'Brien, KatieHawk Desk Attendantx 
Palo, HeiliHawk Desk Attendantx3803 
Park, SeanHawk Desk Attendantx3803 
Payler, AllyStadium Hawk Desk Attendantx3427 
Plourde, JordanHawk Desk Attendantx3803 
Quesnelle, ZachStadium Hawk Desk Attendantx 
Ross, JacquelineHawk Desk Attendantx3803 
Schoner-Saunders, LislHawk Desk Attendantx 
Siddiqui, NisarHawk Desk Attendantx 
Silverberg, NeilStadium Hawk Desk Attendantx 
Tayler, LindsayStadium Hawk Desk Attendantx3427 
Walker, KateStadium Hawk Desk Attendantx 
Walter, ScottFit Centre Attendantx 
Ward, KatrinaHawk Desk Attendantx 
Webb, RileyHawk Desk Attendantx3803 
West, ZoeStadium Hawk Desk Attendantx 
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